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Tools to help my pet lose weight!

  • Exercising your dog for weight loss
    • Click here for a really nice guide to starting a REALISTIC weight loss regimen
  • Products we love that help to promote weight loss
    • Dogs
      • Slow feeders- try the SloBowl/ Fun Feeder from Outward Hound! It's our fav!
      • Outdoor Gear- Check out our absolute favorite high-quality gear for dogs
      • Prescription diets
        • Did you know that there are diets formulated to work with your dog's metabolism to help encourage weight loss?  Here are a couple of our vet's top recommended diets.  They actually work and seem to taste pretty good (according to the patients... not our vet!).
    • Cats
      • Best Cat Wands for exercise- click here
      • Slow Feeder
        • CatIt 2.0 makes a wonderful toy that SLOWS cats down, so that they have time to actually feel full! This product also helps with cats that "scarf and barf."  Check it out here and email us at to get a great deal on the product.
      • Prescription diets
  • VetPet Box veterinarians recommend the following resources for pet owners to learn more about weight loss: