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At-Home Oral Healthcare


Keep your pet's mouth in kissable condition with these at-home favorites

  • OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS FOR AT-HOME CARE: Why are they our favorite? Because they actually make a difference and our patients (and their owners) seem to like them best!
    • Toothpaste: Virbac's CET Enzymatic Toothpaste is a no-brainer... It's one of the best on the market and a veterinarian favorite!  There are many flavors to choose from (dogs seem to love poultry best and many cats prefer seafood or vanilla-mint) and it really does a great job keeping the chompers clean!
    • Oral Rinse: We love Clenz-a-dent and C.E.T. Chlorhexidine Oral Hygiene Rinses.  We especially like that the "L-shaped" dispenser makes for easy application to the gum line.  Just a tiny squirt is all you need and most pets don't mind it!
  • MASTERING THE TOOTHBRUSH:  Having trouble figuring out how to brush your pet's teeth? Click here to check out some helpful videos!