Dog Breath Buster: Mega Box
Dog Breath Buster: Mega Box

Dog Breath Buster: Mega Box

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Get serious about your dogs oral hygiene and start enjoying better smelling kisses NOW!

So, here's the deal you guys... you have to help your pets keep their mouths clean... which isn't easy (or fun). Here are Dr. Steph's favorite products that when used together (yes... they're easy to use) will dramatically help you help your pet's oral health. Invest in their mouth now or you'll end up investing ALOT more in painful tooth extractions when they get diseased teeth and gums. 


3 easy to use full-sized products that WILL make a difference in your dog's health

  • Vetradent Water Additive by Dechra
  • Clenz-a-dent Oral Rinse by Ceva
  • CET enzymatic toothpaste by Virbac with special dog brush 

2 Toys that help to scrape off the tartar, but won't harm tooth enamel 

1 bag of treats to help freshen breath!

1 VetPet Box educational brochure about dental healthcare (it's a short and easy read... we promise!) 


* Please note: This is currently a 1 time purchase (does not auto renew)


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