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Transportation- Air & Land Travel

  • Car travel:
    • Spend some time getting your dog acclimated to the carbefore setting off on a long road trip. Start with short trips around the block and make sure there are lots of treats involved!
    • Buckle up! Invest in a high-quality seatbelt with body harness or keep your pet in a carrier that is secured with a seatbelt. A loose pet in the vehicle can serve as a distraction, or in the case of an accident, be thrown around in (or out of) the vehicle.
    • Windows Up! It’s cute to see a dog enjoying his ears flapping in the wind of a moving vehicle, but this can be surprisingly dangerous! Not only can your dog fall out, dirt and debris can also fly into the eyes, causing trauma and a subsequent emergency vet visit.
    • Plan for potty breaks in safe areas, away from traffic
    • Never, ever leave a pet in a vehicle unattended, even on cool days.
  • Airplane travel:
    • Only chose an airline that has an excellent reputation in safely transporting pets. Your pet should only fly in the cabin, or in a pressurized, climate-controlled area of the plane. Water must also be available during the flight.
    • Ensure that your pet is acclimated to their carrier several weeks in advance to help reduce anxiety.
    • Flying may NOT be the best mode of travel for some pets, such as those with:
      • severe anxiety,
      • those that are very young or old,
      • brachycephalics (smoosh-faced breeds),
      • respiratory problems, such as tracheal collapse
      • those that suffer from seizures
    • Always speak with your vet before deciding to fly with your pet!
    • has the best and most comprehensive information available on flying with your pet. You can also find reviews from other pet owners about their flying experiences on this site:
  • Train travel:
    • Consider taking the train! A train may be less stressful and safer than air travel!
  • Did you know that there are travel agencies that specialize in travel accommodations for pets?
    • Consider a pet travel specialist to help assist in safe transport of your precious cargo!