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Other considerations when traveling

  • Talk to your vet!! Your dog may benefit from a prescription formotion sickness or anxiety!
  • Get vaccines up to date!
  • Find out whether your pet will need a health certificate for travel.
  • Find out whether you’ll need short-term additional parasite prevention (tick, flea, heartworm).
  • If your pet suffers from an illness or needs daily medication, make sure you bring a copy of the medical record with you and get a hand-written prescription from your vet, in case you need an emergency refill (lost meds, etc.)
  • Find out what local veterinary services are available and where the local 24-hour Emergency Vet is located.
  • Call your microchip provider and make sure that your pet’s information is up to date.
  • Take a current picture of your pet, just in case they go missing.
  • Remember to pack for them too!
    • In addition to their food, bowls, collar/harness and leash, you’ll want to make sure they are wearing identification and Rabies tags.
  •  Other items to consider:
    • Seat belt
    • LED collar light for night walking. This is especially useful in unfamiliar surroundings, so that your pet can easily be seen.
    • Destination & activity specific needs, such as life jackets and properly fitted booties for hot, cold and tough terrain. We recommend the brands Ruff Wear and Kurgo for these type items.
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