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Dr. Steph & Her Pets

Dr. Steph

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Steph proudly earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University and obtained her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin. Her professional interests include preventative care, dermatology, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. The most rewarding parts of her day involve educating clients and seeing a sick patient walk away feeling better.

Dr. Steph founded VetPet Box out of a love for educating pet owners. It is her hope that you will learn something in every monthly VetPet Box you receive. One month you may discover a new pharmaceutical or supplement and the next you may find a new favorite toy or treat manufacturer. This service will also help you to identify symptoms associated with common pet health problems. During a veterinary visit, one of the most critical tasks is “history taking” (especially with a sick patient.) This is the part of the visit where you’re asked a bunch of questions about what’s been going on at home. Pets can’t tell us about how they’ve been doing, so that’s up to you! If you don’t know what signs to be watching for at home, you may miss them and then your veterinary team might also! Being able to give your veterinarian a more accurate history can help get to the right diagnosis quicker, which can save you money and get your pet to feeling better faster!

Dr. Steph (as well as most veterinarians) wishes that there was more time during your pet’s annual exam to talk about all the wellness topics that are important. Unfortunately, only so much can be discussed during the time constraints of a typical office visit and pets age fast. Even if you do get some tidbits here and there, it may be hard to remember those conversations months to years down the line. Dr. Steph hopes that the VetPet Box will help to bridge this educational gap by giving small doses of easy to understand, important and applicable, veterinarian-authored wellness information every month to fuel additional conversations, if needed, with your regular veterinarian.

– With love, Dr. Steph

Our Pet Family


Melvin is a unique kind of cat, but we’re sure he has NO idea that he is a cat. Melvin was rescued after being turned in to a shelter as a stray kitten. Even though he tried to bite Dr. Steph the first time they met, she still decided that he was the handsome cat for her! Melvin can often be seen sporting a mohawk and likes to be shaved! He even rubs against the clippers, while purring! In his spare time, Melvin loves to stalk and chase his cat wand toy.


Pig is a super energetic little dog who has a mind of his own. Pig was surrendered for euthanasia after being found in a neighborhood with a back leg that was badly broken. He immediately captured Dr. Steph’s heart, so she elected to rehabilitate him and give him a forever home. Pig is now a super sweet cuddle bug who thinks he rules the home…and he kinda does! Pig loves toys of all types, but especially likes toys that he can either destroy quickly or squeak to death!


Chewy is a major inspiration to the founding of VetPet Box. Chewy is a prime example of why pets need durable toys that provide mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. Chewy had not been provided access to toys or mental stimulation, so he played with inappropriate things…one of which almost cost him his life. Chewy’s previous owners presented him to Dr. Steph for euthanasia after he swallowed a landscaping rock that caused an intestinal blockage. Chewy looked up at Dr. Steph from the exam room floor with such sweet, loving eyes and struggled to give 2 pitiful tail wags. At that moment, Dr. Steph knew she could not euthanize him. With the previous owners’ approval, Dr. Steph immediately chose to adopt Chewy and took him directly into surgery. She was in surgery with Chewy for 5 hours and had to remove the rock, as well as almost 3 feet of intestines that were damaged due to the obstruction. Chewy is now a normal, happy and healthy member of Dr. Steph’s family. Chewy will do anything for a Nyla Bone.


Paisley is another inspiration to the founding of VetPet Box. Paisley was surrendered to Dr. Steph because her previous owners did not have the desire to care for her any longer and were planning to euthanize her. When she was surrendered, she was malnourished, heartworm positive and suffered from severe skin and ear infections, which were triggered by an underlying food allergy. Paisley’s previous owners did not understand heartworm disease, proper nutrition, or the needs of an allergic dog. If they had had a bit more education, perhaps they wouldn’t have given up so easily on this sweet girl. Paisley’s allergies are now under control and she lives a very comfortable and itch-free life as a happy member of Dr. Steph’s family. Paisley will spend hours working to get treats out of her Monster Mouth toy, but also loves her big yellow duckie.

Debo Dean

“gone, but never forgotten”

Debo was a very special boy and a once in a lifetime type of dog. Many of you dog lovers will likely be able to relate to this, and for those of you who do not, we sincerely hope that one day you are able to experience this special bond.

Debo was Dr. Steph’s “once in a lifetime” boy. He was her best friend, protector and the one who got her through several stages in life, including veterinary school. This big handsome Rottweiler was her shadow and went everywhere with her. He was an excellent representation of his breed with a sweet, silly and gentle temperament. He had many fans and loved every person and animal he ever met. Tragically, Debo succumbed to lymphoma at only 6 years of age. We hope that through this service, we can honor his memory by nurturing the bond between people and their beloved pets by providing education and products that help lead to a long and happy life.

VetPet Network

The VetPet Network consists of veterinarians who are dedicated to helping improve the health of your pet. These licensed veterinarians help to write the educational materials you will receive, as well as evaluate the toys and treats selected for our monthly shipments.

If you are a veterinarian and are interested in joining the network, email us at vets@vetpetbox.com for more information.

VetPet Friends

Thank you to the VetPet Friends who are dedicated to helping educate people and improving the lives of pets. Click the links to learn more about them and their passion for animal health and welfare.