Give your pet the best!

Our pets give us so much. VetPet Box makes it easy for you to give back to them!

Specializing in boxes for Dogs & Cats!

Give your pet the best!

Our pets give us so much. VetPet Box makes it easy for you to give back to them!

Specializing in boxes for Dogs & Cats!

What’s in a VetPet Box?

Every item in a VetPet Box has been hand-selected and evaluated by our veterinarians for quality and safety. You’ll get at least 2 toys, treats, accessories and the same healthcare items (shampoos, supplements, etc.) that you’d find on the shelf at your vet’s office! We also provide cool healthcare tips & info that our vets wish every pet parent had!

Every box is filled with items hand selected by veterinarians for your dog or cat.

How it Works

Tell Us About Your Pet

How big is your Dog? How many Cats do you have? Tell us about their play style, food allergies, and more (optional)! See Step 3 for more customization options!

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Monthly VetPet Box

Use our customization form anytime to update your pet’s info or tell us more about anxieties, arthritis, and much more! All subscriptions (other than Gifts) auto-renew. Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Our Vets Select Items for Your Pet

We’ll choose premium toys, treats, & wellness products for your pet, based on the info you provide. Educational materials address a new, important and interesting wellness topic each month.

Veterinarian Curated Boxes. Free Shipping*. Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Contracts. Serving Dogs & Cats.
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Customer Reviews

  • We received our VetPet Box last month and our pup Arlo (@arlothepomsky) absolutely loved it! What's great about this subscription is that it's a well-balanced box that comes with healthy treats, high quality toys and educational material that go over common wellness issues. PetVet Box also has themes in their box. Our wellness educational material covered over-heating and staying cool. We received a popsicle toy that can be soaked to keep our pup cool and a dog ice cream treat that we can make at our convenience.

    - Tina

  • We highly recommend VetPet box! Our first box included two toys, a bag of high quality treats, a Himalayan yak chew, and liquid ear cleaner. The treats from Le Petit Treat were a big hit with my 1 1/2 year old french bulldog. I love that they are grain-free with minimal ingredients (no preservatives!). The yak chew was given as a reward for getting her ears cleaned. I also liked that there was an info packet on the importance of ear cleaning on a regular basis (and of course, how to do it properly!) VetPet box is Dog Mom approved!

    - Lilo Steele

  • We received the PetVet box a few days ago. Everything in the box is totally awesome. To begin with I love the collapsible quencher bowl. We are always out and about in NYC with the pups. Comes in very handy. My pups also went crazy for the PB ice cream. It is definitely a cooling treat and smells really good. The whole box was truly good from the toys which are perfect for my pups to the treat and most important the wellness pamphlet.

    - Dee Dee

  • I absolutely love our vetpetbox! Shipping was fast and me and my dog loved the contents inside! If you are at all into your dog’s health and well-being, I recommend you give this box a try!

    - Jasmine

  • Great variety of products and content to raise a healthy pup! Feels great to know that box is created by veterinarians!

    - Anastasia

  • What a great investment in my dog's well being! Not only is the quality of the products outstanding and well worth it, but the informational booklet is really the hidden gem in this box. The education provided is relevant, thorough, and adds a substantial value to this subscription box. I can not recommend this product enough.

    - Rachel S.

  • VETPETBOX is a great monthly subscription box. Packed full of items my lab pup loves & they are vet approved. In this months box, a Quencher waterproof travel bowl in large. Skinny mini watermelon treats, great size for training. Maple Bacon ice cream mix, a favorite of ours. Dura chew Nylabone & a Sport Nubby Toss, perfect for a powerful chewer. Also included is a VetPet wellness pamphlet with information regarding heatstroke & keeping your pets cool. Truly a great investment. Very pleased with this box! Highly recommend!

    - D'Ann

  • I love the box I received, great tough toys for my heavy chewers and nice treats to put in the toys. I especially loved the monster face treat toy, it doubled as a fun erratic ball for the dogs to chase.

    - Briana A.

  • The best pet box I have ever received! I love everything in here, toys, treats and new things to try! Love it thank you!!!

    - Alina P.

  • I love VetPet box! I was really surprised at how many awesome toys and treats came in the box. Plus some fun stuff for me! The treat holder that clips on my phone is so useful and fun, and I love the antlers it came with. This was the best subscription box I’d ever received! 😍 I’m very happy with the service and would recommend to anyone looking for a great monthly pet subscription.

    - Laura L.

  • We received our first VetPet box a few days ago. Our cardigan corgi puppy absolutely loved everything inside! The box was STUFFED with awesome, high quality products and educational information. Our pup LOVES Starmark treats and toys we really enjoyed seeing the Starmark treat dispensing chewball in the box along with some super yummy treats! We have also wanted to start clicker training with our pup so we were really excited to see a clicker in the box! Our pup went absolutely crazy for the adorable little zebra toy. We loved that it was made of durable material so it wouldn't get torn apart quickly!

    - Alex D.

  • Such an awesome box! I have 2 German Shorthaired Pointers and our recent box included a bag of treats, a chew, 2 toys, and a bottle of ear cleaning solution. The box ALSO came with a pamphlet about why it’s so important to clean your dogs ears AND HOW to do it! This is something I can keep and have for the future! The dogs and myself would highly recommended this box to anyone loooking for a fun monthly box with useful products! Love this!

    - Kristy T.

  • Love all the items and treats inside! And my dog absolutely loves it too. She’s known to destroy toys pretty quickly, so it’s nice to have proper toys and treats she can have thanks to professional help! Thank you! Best investment in a box subscription I’ve ever had! Zelda says thank you as well!

    - Sabrina O.

  • I absolutely love vet pet box! The contents are amazing and fast shipping. My dogs benefit greatful from their expert veterinarian picks! Love love love. Highly recommend

    - Carolyn H.

  • I was amazed by the things they have sent me for my kitty! A range from treats, toys, wellness pamphlets, pet hair remover brush, and a treat maze! I highly recommend this for everyone. You get a wide verity of things for your fur babies and you'll end up using everything!

    - Reanah

  • The box included great quality products that my cat loves! I have never seen my cat, Moose, play so hard before. I also enjoyed the reading information included about what could be toxic or harmful to my pets.

    - Kaila S.

  • We got our box and both our dogs love it! Treats are a hit and we love that we get stuff too! We got a leash and a poop bag carrier as well... The toys are sturdy and have held up well so far. Thank you Vet Pet Box!

    - Jody L.

  • We received our VetPet Box a couple of weeks ago now and our pups loved everything it had to offer! They loved the different types of treats in the box, and ate them all up! As a customer I really appreciated the presentation of the box itself and how it was themed around the holidays. And lastly the toys were amazing. We are very picky when purchasing dog toys because our pups wear them out very quickly. The two dog toys that we included were durable and made of great material.

    - Ranger M.

  • I am so impressed with this box. I love that they included an oatmeal conditioning spray since I am always battling his allergies. toys are always just the cutest, and they fit into his mouth!

    - Jamie N.

  • Zoe received her first VetPet Box and loved it! I loved all the high quality items they included in this box. Her favorite toys are ZippyPaws and I love that they included one of the burrow toys in the box. She could not get enough of the yummy treats too. I highly recommend this box to everyone. Such wonderful selections and I loved that they are vet recommended.

    - Sarah R.

  • We loved everything! So great to know that there is a box out there that gives you more than just treats & toys! & The fact that everything is put together by a vet definitely is a plus! Our dogs absolutely loved the Salmon Treats

    - Vali

  • Just received our VetPet Box for my dog a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It came with plenty of toys and treats for my little pup. She was so happy! Also, she usually destroys toys after just a couple of plays but these have actually lasted! Definitely happy with our VetPet Box and recommend to others.

    - Malak D.

  • We love that there is important educational material included with healthy treats, fun toys and wellness products! Everything was a huge hit!

    - Alicia B.

  • Levi (my 130 lb smooth hair collie mix rescue) loved his first VetPet Box! I loved the convenience of receiving new treats and toys and helpful pet advice at my front door. We are looking forward to next months box!

    - Gayle T.

  • We absolutely love that the VetPet Box is veterinarian owned and operated. It gives us a sense of relief knowing that a team of veterinarians handpicks the very best pet products on the market based on quality, durability, and the preferences we selected when we signed up. We received healthy treats, high quality toys, and an Omega 3 supplement.

    - Rachel M.

  • This box was awesome!! My dog and I loved it!! Very informative and high quality products!! Looking forward to her box next month!!

    - Pam A.

  • Our monthly VetPet box for Kaya is amazing! It’s filled with a bunch of wonderful toys that are safe for pups. Treats galore and puppy ice cream last time as well. They also include tips for your dogs health! 10/10 recommend because Kaya loves getting hers every month!

    - Trevor J.

  • Both my cat and dog really love getting their box each month! I love the healthy treats that come each month!

    - Patty T.

  • We got our first box a few weeks ago and I absolutely love everything in it! Treats, toys, and even a super cute leash!! Both of my pups are obsessed with the treat dispenser toy! And it seems to be indestructible for my 65 pound pointers! I’m super happy and would highly recommend it to my friends!

    - Chelsea E.

  • I absolutely love this box. It comes with a lot of great things. My cat loves it as well.

    - Kayla P.

  • We loved our first box- I wasn't expecting to be wowed by a health minded subscription (especially since we explored the Cat variation) but our 8 year old indoor cat was like a kitten again upon unboxing. she immediately know the toys were for her and I was thrilled to see her favorite "catnip sticks" (natural kitty dental treats) included. The oral additive is even great for our dog, too! A great bargain with interesting tips and literature. We would definitely get this subscription as a gift for our pet loving friends!

    - Jenna M.

  • I LOVE VetPet Box. We have tried Barkbox, Bullymake and the toys just never held up and the treats were just so so. With VetPet Box...I was so impressed with the quality for the price. Our first box included a Starmark treat-toy, which if purchased on it's own, would have been half of the cost of the whole box! I love the supplements and health aspect that this subscription service includes. The educational materials are fantastic, as well. Dont waste your time or money with any other service....VetPet Box has it all!

    - Sky S.

What Veterinarians Are Saying

“I am privileged to support VetPet Box as a specialist in emergency and critical care for small animals. So many injuries and accidents are preventable, and with the sound, experienced, veterinarian-backed recommendations of VetPet Box, we can prevent emergencies before they happen.”

Dr. Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC, veterinary specialist in emergency and critical care

“VetPet Box is an accurate, informative, and fun way to bridge together care for your pets with a veterinarian perspective. In my life as a general practitioner, there are a lot of questions owner have and answers that owners need that are fulfilled with these products. I would recommend them to all owners, from first time puppy/kitten clients to lifetime owners- the boxes have something for everyone!”

Dr. Meredith Stanaland, DVM, MS

“I am happy to support VetPet Box! Our pets are precious to us, and having good information is critical. Promoting wellness and arming people with knowledge will help us keep our pets happy and healthy.”

Dr. Valerie A. Fadok, DVM, PhD, DACVD, veterinary specialist in dermatology

“VetPet Box allows a whole new way for clients to interact with their pets while learning ways to maintain and improve their life. As a mixed animal veterinarian, I see that my clients sometimes have difficulties finding correct, reliable, and quality information. Getting information from a source reviewed by veterinarians in a monthly subscription like VetPet Box ensures that the bond between the pet and owner is constantly growing in a positive and safe manor.”

Dr. Kayla Cheek, DVM

“I am excited to be a part of the specialist team supporting VetPet Box! Dermatological issues (including itchy skin and ears, infections, allergies etc.) are some of the most common reasons for a dog or cat to be presented to their veterinarian. Many of these issues can be addressed with a bit of preventative maintenance and information. The veterinarian-supported recommendations, information, and products provided in VetPet Box are excellent tools for clients designed to care for the animals they love.”

Dr. Alison Diesel, DVM, DACVD, veterinary specialist in dermatology

“As a veterinarian, I am glad to have a resource like VetPet Box to direct my clients to. It makes caring for their pet easier, safer, and trendier!”

Dr. Sarah Kneupper, DVM

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